Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Another Obsession

I've become a bit obsessed by walking. More obsessed than I already was. If I've not squeezed in 3 miles at lunch time then it hasn't been a great day. 5 miles is better though, preferably up a big hill, then down the other side. Through mud, rain, sleet, snow, sun, whatever. It doesn't really matter.

That is all.


missmays said...

Hi Ben. Stumbled upon your blog through Hyperkinetic.
Walking is a gret obsession. Are you motivated by body http://www.thefitmap.co.uk/articles/exercise/walking.htm or spirit http://www.wildmind.org/walking/overview ?

Happy walking either way

Ben Myers said...

Thanks for reading Minna. I think perhaps a bit of both - however 'spirit' can actually be defined?

I think I just like to wander and sweat a little.

missmays said...

Sometimes the most enjoyable things are those that can't be defined, or categorized.
I enjoy walking too, especially enjoy that I tend to come up with story ideas when I do!!